Cia de Foto opens the ShoeBox

Discover the work of the brasilian collective “Cia de Foto”. Mastering colors and lighting they achieve to capture simple moments of life and create little delicious visual candies. Sex, love and life at its’ essence, it’s sure , you will come back for more….


Who is Cia de Foto? Can you shortly introduce yourself?

We are a group and all our works are done together. We are 8 people, photographers, post-productioners, assistants. We found the collective authorship the best way to develop our ideas.

Your pictures remember frames from movies, is your work inspiret by the big screen?

Our inspiration come from movies, lifestyle, readings, other photographers/artists, in any kind of expression. But, for sure, they cinema tells a story has influenced us a lot, as much as a good novel.

In your Flickr profile you say that your pictures are part of your “Shoe Box”. Normally we don’t open our “Shoe box” to strangers so easily. Why did you choose to do so?

We do a lot of photos, all the time. We believe our intimacy is the best way to document our generation. The world has become too connected. Showng how middle-class families live their lives in a city like Sao Paolo is the best way to talk to the world. Also the best way to develop photography.

With you pictures you make us “voyeurs” of your intimacy. Do you have a limit on what to show and what not to?

No limits at all. What we believe it’s important to us, we show.

If you could invite 3 photographers at a dinner, who would it be and why?

Francesca Woodman, for her shortly deep body of work. Paul Graham, for his last work about ordinary situations. Hans Aarsman, for his image appropriation and collaborative works. Once we all will be at the table, we would hire Mr. Bresson as a waiter to have the most impeccable service ever.

What would you like to ask them?

Francesca: Would ask her not to kill herself. Paul: Could you tell us one more story?. Hans: What is photography made for?

Cia de Foto thank you.

If you wish to see more of Cia de Foto work visite their website

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