Borsteinn Nicholas Cameron and the Art of Self-Portait

One day he decides to take 100 self-portrait, one self-portrait each day. 100 days later he has created a set of self-portraits plenty of humor and creativity. This young men deserve that we check out his Flickr page for more visual canides.


Can you shortly introduce yourself and how/when you started photography?

My name is Þorsteinn Nicholas Cameron, I live in Iceland and I am 16 years old. I started shooting about 4 years ago. It never really occurred to me how much could be done with photography until I took part in a photography course held by the local art university.

You did a set of 100 self-portrait. This exercise is relatively difficult, why did you choose

It was pretty difficult, yes. I was out in the country with my cousin when the idea first occurred to me. I don’t think there’s one main reason behind the project but to mention a few; I needed to prove to a certain few that I wasn’t just a lazy ass and I had seen a project where an Icelandic photographer I admire did the same thing
( Self-portraiture has never really been my thing, I just needed a theme I could depend on being there every day.
Under the set of the 100 self-portrait you write “I finally discovered my style”. How would you describe your style?


If you had to choose only one of your self-portrait for an exhibition wich one would you choose and why?

I like a lot of them but then again I hate a great deal of them as well. It’d have to be either day 74 or day 96.
What, in your point of view, make a good self-portrait?

The same things that make a good portrait. Self-portraits are no different, you need something that identifies the subject and a connection. To me though, in every branch of photography, the most important thing is composition. Composition makes a photo what it is.

What material do you use?

I use digital cameras and also a bit of medium format film when I feel like it. Photoshop plays a large part in my work.

If you could invite 3 photographers at a dinner who would it be and why?

Tumi, Magnús and Rán. Because together we are lethal.

What would you like to ask them?

I’d ask them to hold a show with me.
Any Flickr member whos work you really like and that you would like us to discover?


Captain Cameron Thank You!

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