Oladios : The masked girl and her cats

Flicking through Oladios work we get a strange feeling of entering a surreal world plenty of magic. Through photography Ola give us the key to a room filled with cats and humor. The host is always masked but that just adds to the mistery of her art.


Can you shortly introduce yourself and how/when you started photography?

My name is Ola , I live in UK , I started photography 3 years ago.

In your work you introduce us to a different world. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everything I see but especialy books, films, illustrations , photos , animals, dreams.

What would you like to express through photography?
I’m not trying to express anything , I have no mission to accomplish , I just like to hung around with my cats in front of the lens .

I discovered your work in the “female self-portrait’ group in Flickr, what do you like about self-portraiture? And do you find this excercise difficult?

The best thing about self-portrait is that I’m the one in control , I choose the time that suits me best and I can take photos for as long as I want to . Sometimes my focusing is out of order by that’s about it – that’s not even hard, it comes up only when I don’t concentrate enough .

In most of your self-portrait you don’t actually show your face. Why?
I have decided in the beginning that to show my face would be far too destracting , I think people often check other people’s faces and bodies while looking at photos and I wanted to avoid that .to cover the face helps to concentrate on what’s going on a photo . Over the time I have realised that I don’t want to show too much of myself and keeping my face invisable suits me well .

What material do you use?

Digital camera , computer , cats and socks .
If you could invite 3 photographers or artist at a dinner who would it be and why?

Dali and Van Gogh as they are my favourite painters . The third person would be Remedios Varo , she was full of magic.

Any Flickr member whos work you really like and that you would like us to discover?

Yoda and Rudi

Thank You!

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