TransPhotographiques Festival

The Photography Festival TransPhotographiques take place every year in Lille (France). This year theme was “Fashion” and presented the work of young artist like Tereza Vlckova but also photography icons like Peter Knapp.

The 12 June was the preview of the “One Man Show” Exhibition from Karl Lagerfeld, a work of numerous portraits of Brad Kroenig, a male top model. Karl Lagerfeld has photographed him for several years, in different moments of his life. Walking through the exhibition and the thousand of picture the model start to dissapear in front of the eye of the viewer that is left within front of the obsession of the photographer for it’s subject, questioning the relation between the model, the photographer and the viewer.

One of the most exciting work is the one of Tereza Vlckova entitled “Two“. Her portraits of kid simblings in unusual places like woods are haunting. Through her work of Photoshop she achieve to erase all useless details and create in-temporal pictures with a Tim Burton movie feeling.

Unforgettable also the humourous and visually enchanting work of Eugenio Recuenco and the disturbing but beautifull manipulated portraits of Ewa Lowzyl.

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