Barbara Wagner on Brasilia Teimosa

Barbara Wagner wanders on the beach of Brasilia Teimosa with her camera. Through her portraits she offers us an insight of a Brazil that we rarely see on the media. A refreshing work that captures with simplicity some short instants of everyday life. Far from the usual clichés images of perfect and sculptural bodies that we are used to see. We appreciate the real moments of complicity between the photographer and her models that are not afraid to show themselves in front of the camera.

1) Can you shortly introduce yourself and how/when you started photography?
I am Brazilian and I am 28. I started being interested in photography when studying journalism, in 1998.

2) Where is “Brasilia Teimosa” and why did you chose to work on this subject?
It is the name of a fisherman community which is located in the center of Recife, where I live.
I chose their beach as theme for it shows all contradictions we experience living in a poor big city in Brazil.

3) What are you trying to capture through these portraits?
The real people that are never represented here by the media.

4) How do you choose the people that you will shoot and how do you get from them want you are looking for?
My intention is only to make people to feel comfortable while I am working, so I hardly intervene into the scenes. The result of this idea in photography is always a surprise to me.

5) What feeling or impression would you like to give to the viewer?
That there are lots of diferent ways of understanding reality.

6) What do you think about when you shoot?
I am always curious about who is in front of me and get involved into it. Sometimes it is a gesture that calls my attention, sometimes the entire conversation.

7) What material (camera and light) do you use?
I have a nikon d70s and one flash.

8) Right now are you working on another subject? If yes can you tell us more about?
This year I am researching on the new generation of poets who play in a traditional folklore of Brazilian northeast, which is called Maracatu.

9) What are your main inspirations?
True feelings; some people are transparent, some are not. I like the idea of understanding the latter.

10) How would you describe your work in one phrase?
There’s nothing more interesting than reality.
11) If you could invite 3 photographers or artist at a dinner who would it be and why?
Nan Goldin, Justin Timberlake and Jonathas de Andrade ( because is a great friend and talented artist to present to other people)

12) Any Flickr member which work you really like and that you would like us to discover?”
Brazilian photographer Adelaide Ivanova (
Thank you Barbara.

Interview by Frankie

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