Velco Dojcinovski on Street Photography

Travelling, wandering, seeing, forgetting. Photography as a way of stealing a moment, freezing the time, make our imagination wander. Through his numerous travels Velco Dojcinovski capture street life at its essence. He offers us a journey through the streets of Asia and Australia, short instants that stay fixed through time. The magic of street photography is the unpredictability of the short and unique moments that once captured stay with us forever…


Can you shortly introduce yourself and how/when you started photography?

Velco Dojcinovski, communications designer living and working in Melbourne. I’ve played with cameras through most of my life ā€“ these last few years quite intensely.

What is it that inspire you in the street?

Everything really. That’s if inspiration is the right word, I rarely think of inspiration and photography especially street photography to be connected. I’d say it’s more intuition or sensing emotion in a moment that gets the street photograph to where it is. In a studio environment you get everything calculated and prepared before taking a shot, in the street on the other hand everything from content, light, the colours, the composition is changing every second thus leaving you nothing but a split second of intuition to act in. So really uncertainty and randomness are big factors in the story of each photograph. And the photograph itself becomes just a small part of the story since it only represents a meeting point for the energy of a few random street elements.

Can you shortly describe us one of your days when you go out and take pictures?

Most of the time I shoot on my way to / from somewhere these days with whatever camera I have on me. Days when I am hung-over, sleep deprived or can’t sleep at all I make sure I go out on the street with a camera and plenty of film to make the most it. I find these states of consciousness very interesting to work with. It’s when most rational and day to day thoughts thin out and some distant memories, dreamy responsiveness and stronger sense of intuition kicks in. There is not routine as such, just short walks with a few cameras in hand.

In a testimonial one of your contact say that you made her understand what photography realy is. But what is photography for you?

It’s interesting, the very philosophical base of photography has been overlooked by many because of its own over-availability in every sector of society. Dealing with photography is simply dealing with light, space and time and these are pretty major elements to play with. I try to remind myself of this and not just ‘take pictures’ whenever I have a camera in my hand.

Another thing that’s very special about photography is how instant its artistic act is. I do a lot of graphic design work which uses the same visual language and communications principles as photography, but to get to the final result there is often weeks or months of work if not more in some cases. I guess this is the same with recorded music or paintings where all this work is being done and is driven towards an ultimate result. In photography it all happens at once.

You seem to have traveled a lot. Do you a feel a difference from when you shoot in your hometown?

Yeah every place is very different to shoot in and while it’s still new and unexplored can be very interesting too. I don’t consider my photography to be very documentary but it is still strongly driven by the different moods and energies that are flowing through each different city.

What city would you like to shoot next?

I would love to do Shanghai. It seems to be a really vivid super-metropolis overflowing with urban and creative energy backed by the rise of the new Chinese economy and cultural shifts. Even with everything that is happening there at the moment the city seems to hold an even larger promise of what’s to come in the future in terms of its reputation as a global cultural and cosmopolitan mega-hub.

What material do you use?

Right now I’m right into the Norita66 used with different print films, but this changes between the small collection of cameras, systems and lenses that I have accumulated.

If you could invite 3 photographers or artist at a dinner who would it be and why?

Ok, Ludwig Van so I can pick his brains on composition, maybe have some Sangria with Dali, and a chat with Florian Schmitt or Alexandra Jugovic of Hi-Res because they’ve given me lots of inspiration growing as a designer.

Any Flickr member whos work you really like and that you would like us to discover?

Yeah have a look at 73怂- – Apart from her images being visually stunning, the enigma presented through the level of enthusiasm by the photographer emits some powerful rays of novelty, freshness and love of the art. It’s like walking though the first snow of the season before anybody else does.

Velco Thank You.

Interview by Frankie

Velco Dojcinovski website

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  1. I like your description of the street scene and how spontaneous it is. Good stuff.

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