Jon Jacobsen

Movies are a great source of inspiration for many photographers. As a fan of movies myself and in particular of Wong Kar Wai I was attracted to Jon Jacobsen works on Flickr. The colors and moods of his last series of photographs, inspired by Wong Kar Wai movies, are compelling with beauty and mysteriousness. His photostream his a movie without sound but plenty of stories, maybe the next step will be a short film, Jon?

Can you shortly introduce yourself?

I’m Jon Jacobsen from Chile… i’m 19 and i take pictures.

How and when did you started photography?
I started in 2004, i got my first camera in christmas, then i had to use it anyway!

What is that interest you in photography?
Right now, I like to portrait stories. Piece of mental movies i have in mind, as i don’t have a camera to record films, i take pictures that tell stories

How would you describe your work and how to you choose the subjects you work on?
My work could be some sort of movie-like autobiographical conceptual work. The subjects depends of my mood, but mostly i use nostalgic concepts. I like how they catch the people, and I get happier heh.

What are you trying to capture through photography?

My Thoughts and dreams of everyday.

To the viewer of your work what feeling or impression would you like leave?

Surprise them, in a positive or negative way. I don’t care if they like my works or not. But i like to surprise them.

Right now are you working on a specific subject? If yes can you tell us more about?

I guess i’m very stuck into portraits inside scenes (landscapes, houses, etc). I’m not fan of studio photography because i think you lose a lot with a blank background, i just feel they need to be filled with something.. it’s like “There’s too much empty space here that could be filled with so beautiful colors”.

It happens the same to me when i take pictures and i don’t see a human inside it, i find them nice but not fabulous.

What are your main inspirations?
Life, dreams, pictures i see in websites, and some photographers… i suck at names, but the one i always remember is Eugenio Recuenco, he’s a nice person.

What do you look for in other photographers work?

Risk, lot of risk and not copied concepts. I like to find emotions and narrations inside them more than the picture itself.

If you could invite 3 photographers or artist at a dinner who would it be and why?
Strange question and kind of hard because i don’t remember names. Okay Eugenio Recuenco, Witkin! and Erwin Olaf. They have very different styles and i love what they do. It would be cool to talk with them about cats, dogs and food, you know.

Any young photographers or Flickr member which work you really like and that you would like us to discover?

I like this girl

Thank you Jon.

Interview by Frankie

Jon Flickr Photostream

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  1. He is fantastic, a complete creative being, very talented… he always looking inside his head and not in other

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