Valentina Vos: Fresh, Girly and Crazy

I normally flip rapidly through fashion pictures in mainstream magazines. Not that I don’t appreciate the work of the photographers but I usually get bored easily. Where is the imagination gone? I can’t differentiate the models and I find all the poses the same. Fashion need a fresh air and the new breed of fashion photographer is there for it. Vlaentian Vos images are, like she syas, girly and crazy, and I will add: Fresh.

Can you shortly introduce yourself?
My name is Valentina, I live in Maastricht. That’s in The Netherlands. I am studying photography. I also do a lot of styling.

How and when did you started photography?

I went to art school with the idea of becoming a fashion designer but I soon discovered that I love fashion, but not to design it. But I also had photography classes and fell deeply in love with it. We are happily together for four years now!

What is that interests you in photography?
So many things! You can hold on to memories, show reality but also create your own world, shocking people, pleasing people and so on! It is so diverse

How would you describe your work and how to you choose the subjects you work on?
Girly and crazy are the two best words to describe my work. The subjects pop up in my head. Usually when I am in a boring class or in a train.

What are you trying to capture through photography?
I am trying to express my feelings. Maybe it doesn’t show but that is very important for me. I am a really shy and insecure person but with my photography I dare to be outgoing, crazy and different.

To the viewer of your work what feeling or impression would you like to leave?
That’s very difficult. I would like people to be inspired after seeing my work just like I get inspired by looking at other people’s photographs!

Right now are you working on a specific subject? If yes can you tell us more about?
I am going to test a lot of new young models! So a lot of fashion shoots be will be on the way. And I also decided to join forces with my very good friend Femke. We are going to do a lot of good stuff together, including styling, makeup and photography.

What are your main inspirations?

Magazines, magazines, magazines! Also books and of course Internet.

What do you look for in other photographers work?
For me the styling is a very important factor. But mostly I think it is important that a photograph has a WOW effect on you at first sight, but also has the ability that it stays interesting over time.

If you could invite 3 photographers or artist at a dinner who would it be and why?
Again very difficult! First I think Inez van Lamsweerde, because of here work I became interested in fashion photography. Second Ryan McGinly, I am curious about his personality plus I think his work is brilliant!
Last but not least Wendy Bevan, I want to know more about the beautiful colors in her work.

Any young photographers or Flickr member which work you really like and that you would like us to discover?”
Too much to mention!
I really like Emma, she makes such cute polaroids!

Also Sarah Hermans, so unique!!

Thank you Valentina.

Interview by Frankie

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  1. I really like Valentina’s photo’s…off course I do, so Girly and Crazy…and Beautiful.

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