Visual Candy of the Day # 181

alexandra 5/12/08, originally uploaded by gary isaacs’ photos.

gary isaacs’ photos

2 Responses to “Visual Candy of the Day # 181”

  1. Photographic exhibition.

    From 14 to September 27, 2009 Salvador Gomez showing two exhibitions in one space, but physically divided as the possibilities of the theater so permit. Differentiated mainly by the presence of humans, since one of them is not showing more than a few ways textures and phrases, which he entitled “Madness”, all in black and white in these times where the entire digital flooded, otherwise the second exposure mark human presence and their daily lives, teaching us snapshots of various countries in the world for which the author has been enriched by their culture, and while adding these pictures shows us that after “Cordura “is the second title of the exhibition as it is clear there are two antonyms, although united by a medium that is photography.

    The exhibition will be at the theater Rafael Alberti morning 10:00 to 14:00 h and afternoon de17: 00 to 20:00 h at the Avd Reina Guillermo No. 9 Huercal-Overa (Almería) Spain. TLF: 0034 629034238

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