Visual Candies is a photography blogzine featuring pictures and interviews of photographers from the Flickr community. Visual Candies it’s just at it’s beggining but hope to grow thanks to all the photography lovers, addict or just curious.

Visual Candies aim is to promote emerging photographers and understanding their work and inspirations. It’s also a place to discuss freely on photography.

The artists featured on Visual Candies come from different backgrounds and from different fields like portraiture, fashion, art, graphism, documentary and more. Not to concentrate on a specific field is a choice that enables to underline the multiple possibilities of expression through photography .

The blog posts are of two different types. First of all, each day, a picture is selected from the Flickr Visual Candies group pool and published on the site. These isolated pictures are called “Visual Candies” and are exactly that : Pleasure for the eyes. They are choosed based on their visual qualities but also by an emotion that they express. The viewer can discover more work of the photographers work by going on their Flickr page.

Every week, an interview with a photographer will be published on the site and will question their work and their relation with photography. You can read all of them on the “Interviews” page.

I choosed Flickr because it’s a really democtratic place where anybody can post pictures without any real distinction between pro and amateurs.


A visual candy a day just for you
Interviews with photographers from the Flickr community
A place to share your thoughs on photography
Links to the best Photography Online Magazines and to many Flickr API and Toys
A Netvibes page with all the best photography feeds, so that you can stay tuned to the latest exhibitions, contest, news, books and trends.
A Flickr Group that you can join by just clicking here
Projects: More Soon…


There are different ways to participate on Visual Candies:

Make useful comments. That means starting a discussion or just having your opinion on one photographers work. Saying that a picture is amazing is certainly flattering for the author but that’s just it. It doesn’t open a discussion and doesn’t make the other viewer and the author understand why you liked. On Flickr it’s really easy to find flattering comments but on Visual Candies we can try to discuss, freely, about photography, it’s meaning, purpose and aesthetic.
Find photographers. If you like looking around Fickr you surely have found photographers that inspires you. If you think that they should feature on Visual Candies you can simply contact me on my Flickr page.
Propose you work. You think you should feature on the blog? Contact me and send me a link to your Flickr page.

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